A Different Species of Home

The GreenFire Global Global SuperHome™ is designed to be the strongest single family home in the World (as well as the most energy efficient -see ‘Ultra Energy Efficiency). Our homes are engineered to withstand the full force of a Category 5 hurricane or a F5 tornado with winds exceeding 350 mph and storm surges 20’ and higher moving at tsunami force. We are also the first homebuilder in history to offer a full structural warranty covering such catastrophic events (see ‘The GreenFire Warranty) eliminating the need for structural hurricane insurance.

Forensic Engineering

Forensic Engineering is the study of how and why buildings fail. The catastrophic events of 2004 and 2005, including the Asian Tsunami and hurricane Katrina, literally rewrote the book on such studies. We know now that only one type of building nearly always survived while nearly every other type of building that was in the path of the full force of a tsunami collapsed. If there is anything good to come out of these disasters, it must be that it showed us how not to build. 

The Concrete Building System

While the illustration above looks complicated, actually the GreenFire™ Building System is very simple. The concrete walls are formed using a high speed foam forming system. This system allows window and door jabs (as well as storm surge blowouts) to be inserted very quickly. These foam forms are then pumped full of concrete and left in place to
form the ultra high energy efficient insulation shell. Once the concrete is set, a crane is used to set high strength inverted ‘T’, pre-stressed concrete beams on top of the concrete walls. Special high-density foam is then placed between the beams from above forming a floor strong enough to hold wet concrete. The concrete floor is then poured and allowed to set. This same unit is then repeated vertically or horizontally, thus creating infinite  architectural possibilities. A GreenFire™ home thus becomes a single seamless concrete envelope from foundation to roof and encasing all windows and doors.

The speed of this system exceeds even commercial high-rise concrete construction systems. A fully trained crew of four can complete a large 3 story 3,750 square feet luxury home in about 30 working days (roofed-in, dried in, insulated, and doors and windows in place). A quality wood frame home of 3,750 square feet would take from 6 months to as much as 10 months to reach the same stage of completion. It is this construction speed that allows us to compete in price with stick homes. While we pay more for our materials - we pay far less for our labor.

Universal Building Acceptance.

The GreenFire™ building system is accepted universally by all local, national, and international codes simply because it is constructed of 2 basic components that have been used for nearly a hundred years - the standard steel reinforced flat 8” concrete wall system grandfathered into all building codes Worldwide and the concrete pre-stressed beams used in bridge construction Worldwide. This universal acceptance allows us to build anywhere and eliminates any of the problems other ‘new’ system have had.

The Virtually Disaster-Proof Greenfire™

Every GreenFire™ home is virtually a single piece of structural concrete - however, engineering of the structural concrete varies from locale to locale. In areas where flooding and high winds are not a problem, such as Colorado, a GreenFire™ home will be build for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability rather than hurricane proof. In the coastal area of Florida, where both hurricane & tornado winds as well as tsunami-like storm surges occur, a GreenFire Global Global SuperHome™ is generally 3 stories and engineered to much higher structural criteria.

GreenFire Global Global SuperHome™ Designed to Survive Storm Surge and Tsunami

By now, almost everyone has seen pictures of the Indian Ocean tsunami of December, 2004 crashing ashore carrying massive amounts of debris and sweeping away nearly everything in its path. Almost everything. The structures that were still standing were the high rises supported by large concrete foundations embedded deep in the ground. In other words, a structure built like a GreenFire Global Global SuperHome™. The debris that floated by were the homes built of wood – in other words – homes built exactly like those that line the coast of Florida. While tsunamis do not occur in Florida, storm surge from a Category 5 hurricane does. With just the right path, a Category 5 could bring just as much fury to the coastline of Florida as a tsunami - scouring the barrier islands and sweeping away homes far inland. Engineering for such a cataclysmic event is not only entirely possible - as evidenced by those concrete structures that survived the Indian Ocean tsunami – it is mandatory if Florida and all other coastal areas in the U.S. are to survive the ‘Age of Consequences”.

A Home Designed to Survive a 20’ Storm Surge.

GreenFire Global Global SuperHome™ engineering - based on our forensic research - takes into account the enormous sideward pressure of a storm surge moving at more than 23 knots as well as the pounding force of the wave driven debris smashing against the buildings and their supports.

First, instead of pylons driven into the ground (which can shift) the GreenFire Global Global SuperHome™ is anchored by a full concrete foundation along the entire perimeter of the home as well as 2 or more foundation walls down the middle. This vitally important foundation acts as ballast - much like a giant bucket of sand - and extends all the way down to median sea level to prevent the home from being scoured away.

Second, all GreenFire Global Global SuperHomes™ have foam panels in the first floor walls that are designed to blowout in a storm surge leaving spaces between the concrete pillars and allowing water to flow through the building (like waves moving through dock pilings) rather than pounding into a solid wall.

Third, no other home on Earth has the composite GreenFire floor and roof concrete engineering. These concrete bridge beams and post-tension concrete slabs unite the concrete foundation, the concrete pillars, and the concrete walls and roof  into what is virtually a single piece of high strength, structural concrete.

Designed to Survive Both Hurricanes and Storm Surge

A building like the GreenFire Global Global SuperHome™, designed to survive the enormous forces of a tsunami or storm surge, has little trouble surviving the relatively light forces of hurricane or even tornado force winds – including winds beyond 350 mph.



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